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Inner City Bliss Brings Embodied Movement and Nia Technique Dance to Bay Area Schools

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Nia Technique Dance
Stephanie Parker Nia Technique Dance instructor joins Inner City Bliss

Inner City Bliss, a non-profit organization that promotes mental, physical, and spiritual wellness, recently hired Stephanie Parker as their Program Director. This new addition to the team brings expertise in embodied movement through the Nia Technique to organizations around the Bay Area. This partnership marks a significant milestone in Inner City Bliss' mission to transform communities through mindfulness and creative expression.

Stephanie Parker is well-known across the Bay Area and beyond as a Licensed instructor of Nia Dance, a technique pioneered 40 years ago to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. She has worked with a diverse range of students, including individuals with disabilities, senior citizens, and children. Her work has taken her around the world to countries like Mexico, where she has hosted BIPOC wellness retreats and used her expertise to promote well-being and creative expression. Stephanie's addition to the Inner City Bliss team means that the organization can expand its reach and impact on the Bay Area community.

The Nia Technique, developed 40 years ago, is a sensory-based movement practice that combines dance, martial arts, and healing arts including Tai Chi & Yoga. It has been praised for its effectiveness in reducing stress, anxiety, and depression while promoting holistic health. This technique is rooted in mindfulness and aims to develop awareness of movement patterns, sensations, and emotions. Nia dance is accessible to everyone, regardless of age, body type, or fitness level.

Inner City Bliss is proud to offer this practice to children and youth in schools around the Bay Area, promoting creativity and physical activity while fostering social emotional learning skills and tools for self-regulation and emotional expression. Through Nia, individuals can explore themselves and their environment, improving their motor skills, coordination, and cognitive function. By incorporating embodied movement into its programs, Inner City Bliss is creating opportunities for people to experience the joy and liberation of movement.

The hiring of Stephanie Parker by Inner City Bliss is a significant step towards making wellness and creative expression accessible to everyone in the Bay Area. Her expertise in embodied movement through the Nia technique perfectly aligns with Inner City Bliss' mission and vision. As a community, we can look forward to more creative and innovative approaches to promote well-being.Come join us, and together we can move towards a healthier, more liberated future!

Stephanie Parker's addition to the Inner City Bliss team is the perfect opportunity for individuals to start their own journey of movement and self-expression. We encourage everyone in the Bay Area to take advantage of this chance to nourish their bodies and open new doors of creativity. Come join us, and together we can move towards a healthier, more liberated future!

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