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Our Initiatives

Inner City Bliss is dedicated to empowering communities of color through trauma-informed mindfulness-based programs and workshops. With a focus on cultural competence, we aim to provide healing resources to marginalized communities, creating a connection between our participants and the transformative power of mindfulness. By promoting healing and bliss through mindful practices, we hope to bring about a shift in the way communities of color view themselves and the world around them. 


Community and school-based programs 

Our Flagship Initiative

At ICB, we believe in nurturing the potential of every individual, especially our young minds from tough circumstances.This initiative aims to provide emotional support for students in high school, enabling them to pursue their dreams and contribute positively to society. By fostering mindfulness and empathy, we empower these young individuals to build a brighter and more peaceful future for themselves and their communities. Our trauma-informed, mindfulness-based programs and workshops will be provided free of cost or on a donation basis to ensure accessibility for all.

Click the link below to learn more about our Community and School-based Programs Initiative.

ICB Wellness Coalition

Growth in the city

Our coalition of local BIPOC healers offer nature-based community activities specifically tailored for communities of color. These initiatives will involve outdoor mindfulness and self-care practices, advocating for the therapeutic benefits of exposure to nature. Our wellness coalition will offer nature day outings to the community free of cost.  


Click the link below to learn more about the ICB Wellness Coalition Initiative.

Working at Outdoor Cafe

Wellness in the Workplace

Creating space for your inner self at work

Inner City Bliss is collaborating with local businesses to provide mindfulness-based wellness programs for their employees. By incorporating mindfulness practices into the workplace, we hope to promote a more positive and productive work environment while also prioritizing mental health in the workforce.

Here's an overview of what our workplace initiative includes;

  • Mindfulness Training

  • Work-Life Balance:

  • Mental Health Awareness

  • Self-Care Workshops

Contact us for more information on the Workplace Wellness Initiative.

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