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Community and school-based programs 

At ICB, we're committed to helping the youth thrive through trauma-informed mindfulness-based programs and workshops. We've seen first-hand the transformation these programs bring to individuals and communities as they foster resilience, mindfulness, and empowerment.


Empowering The Youth: Mindfulness, Resilience, and Transformation

Our community and school-based programs provide free mindfulness-based workshops to the young individuals in communities of color. Through these programs, we aim to empower youth with crucial life skills such as stress reduction, communication, self-care practices and more. These tools are designed to foster mental resilience and mindfulness, changing the trajectory of their lives - helping them rise above challenges and thrive.

Key Program Features

Our community and school-based initiative is founded on imparting life-changing skills and tools. We equip students to navigate life's challenges with resilience and grace.


Our program includes:

- Social Emotional Learning (SEL): Encouraging students to manage emotions, set positive goals, show empathy, establish relationships, and make responsible decisions.

- Student Emotion Regulation: Teaching strategies for effective emotion regulation, contributing to improved concentration, decision-making, and overall mental well-being.

- Restorative Justice Practices: Promoting a restorative approach to conflict resolution, advocating reconciliation and understanding over punishment.

- Nature-Based Learning: Utilizing the healing power of nature, fostering a sense of connection, peace, and respect for the environment.

- Intuitive Healing Movement: Including movement-based activities that encourage self-expression, healing, and body awareness.

Join us today and embark on your journey of healing and thriving. At ICB, we are committed to empowering the youth through the transformative power of mindfulness and self-care practices.

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