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Empowering Communities Through Nature: "Discovering Nature's Bliss" Turns Two

Updated: Jun 2

Participant meditates during Nature Day Outing
Participant meditates during Nature Day Outing

This summer marks a significant milestone for Inner City Bliss, as we celebrate two years of dedicated service and communal joy. What started as a humble initiative to connect underrepresented communities with the great outdoors has blossomed into a thriving community of nature lovers, advocates for health and wellness, and changemakers.

Two years ago, faced with the challenge of reaching out to families in urban landscapes and introducing them to the healing power of nature, we were driven by a single vision - to create accessible outdoor experiences that foster a sense of belonging, wellness, and community. Thanks to the unwavering support from Justice Outside and the passion of our small but mighty team, our dream has not only taken root but flourished.

This year, as a testament to our joint efforts and achievements, we are thrilled to extend an invitation to our "Nature Day Outing Summer Celebration". This special event is set to take place at the beautiful Lake Merritt Garden Center on Saturday, June 29, 2024, from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Designed as a complimentary experience with limited availability, it promises to be an intimate gathering that encapsulates the essence of Inner City Bliss.

Our "Discovering Nature's Bliss" celebration is a heartfelt invitation to BIPOC families to come together and immerse themselves in the beauty of their local natural spaces. Through activities such as mindfulness meditation, NIA Dance technique, and nature walks, we aim to cultivate a deepened connection with the environment. It's an opportunity for attendees to enrich their understanding of mindfulness, nutrition, and physical activity, all while basking in the serene ambiance of Lake Merritt Garden Center.

As we look forward to this day of celebration, reflection, and community bonding, our hearts are filled with gratitude. Gratitude for the support that has made our work possible, for the families that have joined us on this journey, and for the natural world that continues to inspire and heal us all.

Here’s to many more years of Discovering Nature's Bliss together. Join us as we step into another year of empowering our communities, one outdoor experience at a time.

Don't Miss Out on the Celebration!  


Secure your spot for the "Nature Day Outing Summer Celebration" and be part of an unforgettable experience. Spaces are limited, so we encourage you to sign up early and ensure your place in this unique celebration of nature, wellness, and community. Register now and take the first step towards discovering nature's bliss with your loved ones. We can't wait to meet you!

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