• Andre Humphrey

Free 7-Day Meditation Challenge Challenge

I'd like to formally invite you to join our 7-Day Meditation Challenge!

The 7-Day Meditation Challenge is designed to inspire you to develop a daily meditation practice.

Participants will receive an email each morning of the week with a specific meditation practice.

Those who participate will be asked to invite at least 3 other people they know to take the challenge, as well, to foster community and start mental health conversations in black and brown families.

That’s it. It’s all about creating mental health wins for black and brown communities.

You know your audience best, but we would be SO be appreciative if you would consider emailing your audience, accompanied by Facebook posts and mentions on any other social media platforms you use.

Please email me at andrehumphrey@inner-citybliss.org if you have ANY questions or ideas about how we can help even more people with this 7-Day Meditation Challenge!

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