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1 Million Meditative Minds

Updated: Mar 10

Dear Loved Ones,

Inner City Bliss is launching our lifetime fundraising campaign. In the past few months, we have been gearing our efforts to add more classes to continue to support the mental health of at risk youth in underserved communities.

I am reaching out to you to promote our fundraiser: 1 Million Meditative Minds.

Inner City Bliss’ lifetime goal is to provide our trauma informed yoga and meditation programming to 1 Million at risk youth, free of charge! In order for us to offer these classes to the youth at no charge, we need your financial support.

Please consider sponsoring at-risk youth to go through our 8-week“Meditation for Beginners” Program. Week by week, each participant will be guided through trauma informed yoga and meditation. The program also includes specific themes such as: “How to Meditate”, “Effects of Stress”, “Benefits of Meditation”, “7 Myths of Meditation”, and “Types of Meditation”.

Please give at-risk youth the opportunity to receive these services. DONATE and MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Let’s continue the healing process.

$15,000 will fund 100 youth

$1,500 will support 10 youth.

$150 will support 1 youth.

Also, check out our commercial on YouTube AND read an article in Spa and Beauty magazine written about Inner City Bliss.

Please click DONATE NOW!

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