Since the beginning of 2019, Inner City Bliss has been providing trauma informed yoga and meditation to underserved black and brown communities. As our mission states, “we provide bliss to where it doesn’t exist”. We believe the programs we provide should be available to anyone who needs it. We never turn away anyone seeking support based on cost. But in order to continue this important work, we need your help. 


Inner City Bliss’ lifetime goal is to provide our trauma informed yoga and meditation programming to 1 Million at risk youth. Free of charge!

1 Million Meditative Minds
How you can help

We need your financial support in order to continue our mission. Please consider sponsoring at risk youth to go through our 8-Week “Meditation for Beginners” Program. Week by week, each participant will be guided through trauma informed yoga and meditation. The program also includes specific themes such as: “How to Meditate”, “Effects of Stress”,  “Benefits of Meditation”, “7 Myths of Meditation”, and “Types of Meditation”. 


Please give at risk youth the opportunity to receive these services. DONATE and MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Let’s continue the healing process. 



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