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Inner City Bliss to Offer Year-long Trauma-Informed Programming to Youth in Oakland

Inner City Bliss is dedicated to improving the mental health of black and brown communities. For years, we have offered trauma-informed programming to youth in Oakland. This year, we are hoping to make a bigger impact by providing year-long programming at Fremont High School in Oakland, Ca. To make this possible, we need your help! We are raising money to support our programming at Fremont High School. Your donation will help us provide crucial services to students who need it most.

The total cost for 36 weeks of programming is $14,400. So far, we have received a $4,000 donation from Bay Area Community Resources and $400 from Free + True Skincare. This means that we still need to raise $10,000. This funding will allow us to pay our staff to facilitate these programs. It will also enable us to provide incentives to attend our programming. Providing incentives plays a significant role in getting the youth to try out these non-traditional offerings.


The programming will include - Meditation For Beginners, Introduction to Mindfulness, How To Make Peace With Your Past, How to Love Yourself, and How to Create Your Dream Life. The programs at Inner City Bliss aim to help the youth learn to manage their emotions early on in a constructive manner. This is critical in diminishing the likelihood of committing violent activities, leading our youth to be incarcerated as adults. ICB programming offers a safe, innovative after-school program for youth, which means less time for children to roam the streets, join gangs and partake in criminal activities.


This important programming is vital for the youth in our community and we need your help to make it possible. Please donate to our GoFundMe campaign or become a monthly donor. Your support is greatly appreciated!

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