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Inner-City Bliss (ICB) began in December of 2018 with the aspiration of providing trauma-informed yoga and meditation techniques to as many people as possible. ICB fledged in Alameda County working with schools and organizations across the East Bay Area, predominantly in Hayward and Oakland with the mission to provide resources and support to black and brown communities residing within the inner cities. Inner-City Bliss offers a wide range of online and in-person courses, counseling, and community to all ages, genders, races, religions, identities, and backgrounds. At Inner-City Bliss we believe in a collective consciousness that makes us all one. We are not here to spread dogmas, mystics, or unscientific beliefs rather provide all with pragmatic, tangible techniques engaging with respiration, bodily sensations, and the power of mindfulness. 


Sharing these experiences in a safe space for low-income, Black, and brown communities is essential. Every challenge that we face in today’s world, whether the prison industrial complex, the housing crisis, health care disparities, or environmental degradation, have a fundamental impact on each of our mental health and overall well being with Black and brown minds, hearts, and bodies paying the greatest toll. 


ICB is here to bring bliss to where it may not currently exist by working together, healing together, and we invite you to join us on the path towards self-realization, healing, unconditional love, and compassion. Know that you are never alone and that every day, every moment, is a new beginning. ICB continues to grow and we would love to hear from you on what “creating bliss where it may not currently exist” means for you. 

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